1. News in Vietnamese, with accents, lowercase letters, only capitalizing on sentences and proper nouns and spelling; does not contain vulgar, sensitive words, is not suitable for fine customs or words related to religion and politics; Do not insert special, unnecessary characters into the postings.

2. Postings must be properly classified, classified and addresses real estate (real estate) for sale / lease.

3. Between paragraphs, no more than 1 row of characters; Do not leave spaces below the posted content.

4. Posting is only allowed for the purpose of listing real estate for sale / rent. Do not post information only for the purpose of advertising, marketing alone (ie not providing any specific real estate, not showing the demand for real estate transactions).

5. Do not post duplicates under any postings. Duplicate messages will be taken down.

6. Real estate sale / rental information needs to complete the information in the required fields to fill in information (*) at the posting interface. Other relevant information fields also need to be completed if the property is for sale / lease with information.

7. If the listing is in the project, it is necessary to specify the name of the real estate project for sale / lease.

8. You absolutely do not copy advertising content from other advertisers. In the event that Batdongsan.com.vn receives a customer complaint and determines your listing to copy the content, your listing may be deleted or edited without prior notice. .

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