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For guests to come and go and remember Ba Ria Vung Tau should pay attention to Mice tourism

  • Saturday , 11:15 Date 16/03/2019
  • Hollywood has repeatedly given acting opportunities to professional gladiators who want to "change the wind" as screen heroes, such as John Cena, Dave Bautista, Kevin Nash ... But perhaps, only wrestlers have won 17 championships. The Rock is making a big difference.

    In 2016, Dwayne Johnson - a flat-handed man surpassed many veteran faces to become the world's highest paid Actor with $ 64.5 million. In 2017, he dropped to the second position on the list with 65 million USD (inferior to the leader of Mark Wahlberg 3 million USD). In the same year, two of the three films that Dwayne Johnson participated in saw huge sales: The Fate of the Furious swept with $ 1.163 billion and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle quietly "pocketed" 944.4 million dollars.

    Director Brad Peyton (who collaborated with Dwayne in 3 Journey 2 films: The Mysterious Island, San Andreas and Rampage) called this 1m96 giant the "World's Biggest Movie Star". And perhaps, this compliment is not too flattering.

    The secret to success

    At 45, Dwayne Johnson is one of the best money-making stars in the world for both him and the studio. The total income that the former wrestler has earned by filming is estimated at $ 220 million. Dwayne's total of 27 grossed films grossed about $ 9 billion (according to Boxoffice Mojo data).

    More importantly, Dwayne Jonhson's image and name has become popular with mass audiences. When asked by Vanity Fair about the secret to success in both careers - wrestling and actors, Dwayne sincerely revealed: "Work hard and be grateful to others. You have to stay focused and don't bring When I achieve success, never appear complacent. Finally, never doubt yourself. "

    The giant with a sentimental soul

    Looking back, the path that this former champion went was not a carpet full of roses. Dawyne Douglas Johnson was born on May 2, 1972, is the third generation in a family with a tradition of pursuing wrestling. His father was the first African-American champion, and his grandfather - a chief was the first Samoa to play the game.

    But from the beginning, Dwayne Johnson did not choose the path like father and grandfather. He enjoys playing rugby, having received a full scholarship from Miami University to pursue a career in football. The dream shattered due to an evil monster injury. And Dwayne returned to the wrestler - which was always in the flesh.

    Without a formal acting training but with an ambition to become a Will Smith (a more suburban version), Dwayne Johnson often chooses scenarios that are highly actionable and entertaining.

    He himself shared: "I don't like movies with sad ending. Life has brought a lot of shit - I don't want it to appear in my movie. When credits appear, I want to feel satisfied. prayer ".

    Growing up in a wrestling family is not an easy thing. Dwayne described his father as an extremely difficult person. The story of my father often going to the competition made the family of three people move a lot. Dwayne lived in five different states while in kindergarten, and in high school, this number was at 13.

    In 12, his father switched from dueling with opponents to quarreling with his mother. Dad was unemployed, his family fell into poverty, Dwayne started stealing and was arrested. He fights more, becomes an angry person when he can't control his emotions.

    Divorced parents. At the age of 15, Dwayne Johnson had to witness his mother trying to commit suicide by wandering into the highway after they were expelled from the apartment. The worry about moms, injuries, and the breakdown with girls makes Dwayne face psychological problems for many years. But instead of giving up, he chose to fight and heal himself and his mother.

    We often sarcasm about big guys and animals by analogy: "Stupid mind, developing limbs". But with Dwayne Johnson, this is not true at all.

    The beautiful figure, the fresh smile, the cool face, the cinematic face and especially the smart choices are what help the former legendary wrestler become a true silver screen star.

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  • For guests to come and go and remember Ba Ria Vung Tau should pay attention to Mice tourism
    • For guests to come and go and remember Ba Ria Vung Tau should pay attention to Mice tourism

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